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Der „International Day Against Homophobia“ (kurz IDAHO) wird jedes Jahr am 17.05 gestaltet. Das Datum soll an den 17. Mai 1990 erinnern,  an dem die Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) Homosexualität aus ihrem Diagnoseschlüssel strich. Wir haben uns entschieden den IDAHO in IDAHO_T (International Day Against Homo- and Trans*phobia) umzubenennen, denn es ist uns wichtig nicht nur auf Homophobie, sondern auch auf Trans*- und Queerphobie aufmerksam zu machen! Dies soll sich unserer Auffassung nach auch in der Kurzform IDAHO_T wiederspiegeln.

Hier nochmal das Programm zum herunterladen:
Ablaufplan IDAHO_T*

The „International Day Against Homophobia“ (short IDAHO) is celebrated every year on may 17th. The date reminds of may 17th 1990 when the World Health Organisation (WHO) striked out homosexuality of their diagnostic keys. We decided to re-name the IDAHO into IDAHO_T (International Day Against Homo- and Transphobia), because we do not only want to put attention to Homophobia but also Trans*- and Queerphobia! In our opinon this should be expressed by using the shortform IDAHO_T.
The schedule for the IDAHO_T will be online here soon.
What we can give away so far:
A full and very diverse program expects you from 13 noon to 10 p.m. at the ASH. Planned are lectures on case on trans*, on queer and health et al. In our wordcafé you´ll find information desks by GLADT, TrIQ, Abqueer and many more. The self-organised student-café will be open all day and offer café, a community meal and snacks. Tanja Abou will read “Raumschiff Cosinus” – a childrens book, Wigstöckel will host a dragworkshop and Rosebutt a queer-burlesque workshop with following Show an (please register for the latter 2 → see workshops). Finally there´ll be a concert of GladbeckCityBombing (QueerElectroPunkPerformance).